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Regional Publications

ghid de investitiiThe objective of the publications in German and English language edited by SVS City Media Ltd. is to enable the settlements in Romania to present their investment opportunities, the human and natural potential, for their socio-economic development by attracting foreign investments. There are still enough unexploited natural resources in the localities in Romania, especially due to the lack of funds. SVS City Media Ltd. aims at making these resources known and at attracting the foreign investors in these settlements.

From their experience in this field, the experts of SVS City Media have noticed the interest of the foreign businessmen in the Romanian rural settlements and provide them with information on the investment opportunities, editing catalogues (publications) that are distributed for free to the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and to various organizations of the businessmen in the Western Europe.

For effective information, the publications were edited in A5 color format, with a modern design, including well-structured pieces of information and concrete data: a brief description of the settlement, its location, the investment opportunities and the contact person. There are presented all the investment opportunities, from those in agriculture, industry, infrastructure, and possibilities of concluding public-private partnerships, up to those in tourism- the foreign investors’ interest in this field being already known.


National Investments Guide

ghid de investitiiThe National Investments Guide published by SVS CITY MEDIA into German and English languages enables the Romanian environment to present its investment opportunities for the social and economical development by attracting foreign investments.

We are aware of your interest in attracting investments in the localities under your administration, for the durable development of the commune and for the rise in the inhabitants’ living standards; that is why we are willing to support this intention, enabling you to present the opportunities in your commune.

We assure you that they will be presented fairly, in catalogues with modern design that will be distributed in the Western Europe by our specialists. By its staff of editors specialized in the written presentation of the business opportunities, by its remarkable drawers and marketing department SVS City Media engages in the promotion of the investment opportunities in your commune.

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