We insure such service for our partners which we can achieve their recognition with, which can make us so satified that we can say: there was a sense of our work.

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Business partner search
We are engaged in search of business partners for the organs of local self-government and local businessmen (companies) to help them in realization of their planned business projects. Among 9 European and 2 Far-Eastern countries we are searching such companies which are interested in financial or know-how investing to Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Our professional team of specialists helps in realization of concrete projects, especially in those which are related to industrial development and need investments.
Consulting for accessing the Structural Funds
Once with the Romania’s EU integration, a series of non-refundable funds will be directed towards the elaboration of development projects in the rural environment...
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www.primariaonline.rois the main online platform of information on the investment opportunities offered by the local administrations in Romania.
The portal is an effective communication channel , providing accurate and updated information that come to the aid of the partnership between the public and private sectors.
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Regional Publications
The objective of the publications in German and English language edited by SVS City Media Ltd. is to enable the settlements in Romania to present their investment opportunities, the human and natural potential, for their socio-economic development by attracting foreign investments.
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Business Economical Publications
Our company has been working for years to help the small- and middle enterprises to promote their products on the markets in the Western Europe, as well as to help the Romanian companies to find foreign partners and asociates.
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